An artist with a unique manner, who doesn’t belong to any particular painting technique

Artistic journey

All of the paintings presented here are made in a unique manner and do not belong to any particular painting technique. The unique perception of the world and creativity of the young artist determine the originality of her art. She fearlessly experiments with a variety of approaches in painting and drawing. The portraits painted by Medina emphasise, first of all, the character of the person she paints. She does not seek a direct resemblance to the model, in her own way she always listens only to what her inner artistic voice is telling her. In landscapes and abstractions, the artist emphasises the expressive development of color and unique creativity in this form. All artworks are imbued with a sense of color and rhythm, they carry a bright imprint of the artists’ personality. This is an important sign of maturity for a young artist at the beginning of her career.